The Annual Woman To Woman Workshop Weekend offers recovering alcoholic women opportunities for personal development and productive living through economical, informative workshops designed for their special needs…

Starting with the 2023 Workshop Weekend, we are moving to UC Santa Barbara, so our room accommodations are changing from prior years.  Each bedroom is now part of a three-bedroom suite that includes two shared bathrooms and a common area.  Each bedroom can be either a single or double room.  (For a Virtual Tour CLICK HERE.)  Bedding, pillows and towels are provided.  The weekend includes six delicious meals with vegan choices available.

Along with plenty of workshops to choose from, there is plenty of time for “caring and sharing” and getting to know one another.  There are also trails for hiking, athletic facilities and a beautiful outdoor pool for “sun and fun.”  


Here is some information that is included in the confirmation letter that all participants receive in the mail prior to our weekend. 


Volunteers must check in at registration.


1:00 – 7:00 pm   Check-in/Registration

6:00 – 7:00 pm    Buffet Dinner

7:15 – 8:30 pm    Welcome Meeting

9:00 – 10:00 pm  Workshops

4:00 – Midnight    Hospitality Room Open


Detailed program provided at registration


7:30  –   8:30 am     Breakfast

9:00  – 10:00 am     Workshops

10:30  – 12:00 pm   Speaker Meeting

12:30 – 1:30 pm      Lunch

1:30 pm                  Checkout



UC Santa Barbara charges a separate parking fee of $8 per night per car, and the parking fee needs to be paid ahead of time on their website.  We will provide that link to registrants well before the event.  When you arrive, there will be a place clearly marked with a sign that reads Drop Luggage Here.  You will then be directed to the parking area.

Do Not Park in employee parking.

 For special-needs parking
(i.e., disabled parking), contact one of the parking committee prior to the Thursday before the weekend.  (Contact Information is included in your confirmation letter or please use “contact us” section of this website).


Late Arrivals                          

If you plan to arrive after 7:00 p.m. on Friday, please notify one of the committee members prior to the Thursday before the weekend (Contact Information is included in your confirmation letter or please use “contact us” section of this website).


Dress and Packing              

Casual clothes are the norm.  We recommend bringing a sweater, as it may get chilly at night.  Bring hiking shoes, a swimsuit and towel, shower shoes and workout clothes and yoga mat if you like; hiking trails, basketball and volleyball courts, a well-equipped workout room and swimming pool are available.  We also plan to have a yoga session during the weekend.


No Taping or Filming allowed ~ No Solicitations



Do not bring any valuables.  Neither the Committee nor UC Santa Barbara is responsible for any lost or stolen items.  You may want to bring some cash to buy bottled water and soda between meal times, or t-shirts and commemorative items.



Bring an alarm clock, as there are no wake-up calls.  Bedding and pillows are provided; bring additional blankets, pillows and towels if desired.


Bed Height

Please be aware that each bed has a 37″ captains height.  If you have a DISABILITY THAT REQUIRES your bed to be lowered you must indicate that on your registration form.  We are charged an additional fee to lower beds, so please only request this if necessary.



UC Santa Barbara is a COMPLETELY SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS. You will need to leave the campus to smoke (there is a sidewalk area within walking distance, off campus, across the street, where you can smoke).  Smoking is not allowed in the parking lots as well.



A wide variety of food is provided, sufficient to accommodate most diets. Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch are provide.

Sodas and bottled water are available in Hospitality area at $1 each. 


Lastly, Please Be Flexible…

We are having our wonderful weekend at a brand new venue this year, so there are bound to be a few bumps.  Please bear with us and pitch in to help if you see a need.  You can always grab a committee member to help work out any problems that come up (look for our “Committee” ribbons).  Your patience and grace is very appreciated.  It’s a beautiful campus and we think we all will come to love it.  See you in Santa Barbara!!!